“we, like an ideal lover, are pretty generous and considerate. all we want to do is fill you up and have you craving for more”

Artisan deli boldly introduces itself as the best cold meat’s option in the food industry. it forays into the FMCG world with premium cold-cuts. Artisan deli products are curated in-house by a team of experienced restaurateurs. The range of cold-cuts offers frozen food options with gluten-free products, no added msg or hormones, and compliance with guidelines at every stage of food production. It’s made healthy, that’s because we care for you. and the caring also comes with oodles of taste that’s so awesome, it makes finger-licking good seem quite ordinary. It comes with wide variety of frozen deli like Ham, Sausages, Mortadella, Bacon and more. 

Artisan Deli, premium cold cut brand in Goa, India, is a great value-add to the start of your meal every day and it is completely fine, with these cold meat recipes, if you extend it to the rest of your day. It can be a part of your breakfast lunch or dinner.

Our quest to link our past, present and future is aimed at creating a luxury lifestyle product, true to our values and ambitions which keeps us researching for new products, recipes ideas that all incorporate century-old traditions that have been elevated and perfected through the advancement of technology and science. Finally, we incorporate exquisite packaging and convenient options to bring you the product home. 

Artisan Deli is the new line of business, from the founders of Bennet & Bernard custom homes Pvt Ltd< & Bennet & Bernard Gastronomy Hospitality Pvt Ltd. Pioneers of world-class foods served at its multiple restaurants in Goa and Portugal, Bennet & Bernard have introduced a range of eleven uniquely crafted chicken & pork cold cuts in the Goan Market and are all set to go pan India.

Artisan Deli, cold-cuts is just the first. We’ll soon have an entourage of products like artisanal butter, puffed foods, and more.

At Bennet and Bernard, we believe in every brand we brand. The founders know every inch of the homes they develop, all material that goes into it, and every artisan who works on the homes. With the restaurants, the founders craft every dish, every sauce, every marinade, and intimately understand each and every product that is put on the table for his customer. With the same passion and endeavor, Artisan Deli came into being.

Artisan Deli

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Artisan Deli Hot Dog Delight

Dance to the wonderful tunes of feeling hot hot hot this carnival while you binge on Artisan Deli’s Hot Dog Delight. It takes the same amount of time to eat it and make it.  Ingredients 3 tablespoons butter 2 large onions, thinly sliced 4 large cloves garlic, chopped Salt and pepper 1/4 cup hot sauce
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Cream Cheese Mortadella – Artisan deli

Ingredients: 250 g cream cheese 15 slices of Artisan Deli’s Chicken/ Pork mortadella with cracked tellicherry pepper ¼ cup baby capers *we would recommend Fragata Spanish Capers 2 tbsp finely chopped parsley or basil 200 gm pouch of parle monaco salted biscuits, to serve Instructions: Its time to get your hands dirty!!   Place the
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Nutrition and what goes into making it has been so well researched today, that it allows for a great deal of clarity in its consumption and addresses myths of this world. For instance, consumption of meat, great, or not so great? Have you occasionally heard that consumption of meat could create health concerns and pose
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